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Please complete the details of your Support Request below, then click Submit. If your company has an SLA in place with us please log in to the Support Portal before submitting your ticket, or enter an email address that has your Company's domain. This will ensure we prioritise your request correctly.
If you do not have, or cannot remember, your login details you can still submit a Support Request. If you have submitted a ticket before, enter the same email address and the new ticket will be added to your account. If you do not have an account one will be set up for you when you submit this ticket, and you will be emailed with the password.
We assess and prioritise each Ticket accordinging to the terms of your SLA and the impact of the issue on your application and it's users. Please tell us how the issue affects you and your users by selecting from the Priority drop-down according to the following Impact Grid...

Application is not behaving as expected but we can work around it.

For example...
  • Layout not as it should be.
  • Cosmetic issue.
  • Training Required
  • Change Required
A part of the application isn't working, but we can operate for a few days without it.

For example...
  • We can't open a report.
  • Users can't see old Orders.
  • A button has stopped working.
  • Non-essential function no longer available.
One or more parts of the application aren't working and it's holding us up.

For example...
  • Some users can't log in.
  • Unable to see or process new orders.
  • A key function isn't working.
  • Data is missing or incorrect.
No one can access or use the application, and we can't function without it. Immediate action required.

For example...
  • Application isn't available.
  • No-one can log in.
  • Unable to process any orders.
  • Key data is missing or incorrect.
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